The Creature Catalog 

Being a compleat listing of Sundrie Lifeforms, Foule and Faire,
found in the World of Urth. 

Culled from the records of the Department of Wildlife Studies,
LightRaider Academy, Dayspring Heights, Liberated Lands, Talania. 

Complied by Andros the Ancient, DDM Febtember, 985 A.O.

Author's Foreword

Hail and Well Met!

As I sit and write this line in my study, high above Piretti Hall, I recall endless battles. Who can forget the first horrible and intimidating skeleton that lurched up out of the gloom, clattering like a dwarven trolley-carriage? Or even the first battle-mate lost to an orc, or the first bitter tang of iron rations, consumed in the dead of night, deep in the earth? For me, it seems like yesterday that I was marching down endless, featureless dungeon hallways, eyes propped open, fighting sleep, awaiting the next big battle and the riches it would bring. The day began and ended with the promise of Magic and Power and Blood. 

What rot.

In my misspent youth, the Big Battle mattered, but I fought only for myself... and against myself. My callow comrades are gone, almost all, and "only I left to tell the tale." It was that dim night in 983, in a cheap common room of one of the many endless identical Green Dragon(tm) Inns that now blight the land, that I crashed and burned. In that room I found, tucked by the flea-infested bed, a well-thumbed copy of the Sacred Scrolls. And there the rebirth began.

As I look out on the fresh, happy faces of the most recent graduating class, I think only of the Quests that the OverLord lays before them. They move out of our hallowed halls, manifest their Armor of God and set off to battle hells darker than I will ever see. For their sake (and His!) herein lies all that is known of the Dragons and their foul brood, as well as notes on our allies in the Dragon Lands. Those who "fight the good fight" will probably never see all of these things in a lifetime. But for those of us who prepare them for battle, here are "just the facts." 

To the Lost Band of my youth, here is a life's work. For Yoshi, mind eaten by a BrainBurner. For Rogers the Ranger, now sheep farming in Cledonia. For Marta, sunning herself on the beaches of a retirement center in the Gray Wastes. For Troy, changed into a flopping goldfish by a mad mage. And certainly for Salvus, comrade of my youth, eaten by a Shapeshifter these many years ago. May your soul rest with the Overlord, old friend. 

Next Year in Albenon! Maranatha, students! 


Catalog Overview

he original game of Dragonraid listed only 12 creatures for combat or conversion. The following builds upon those lines, and adds many of the classic monsters of myth and legend. It has been noted that most dark creatures in Dragonraid seek more often to corrupt with their sin enchantments than to kill. This is still the case with these additional creatures. However, to gain some of the enjoyment of these monsters, I have added in such things as poison, paralysis, charms and whatnot, to help these Dark Creatures reflect their mythic descriptions. 

All creatures in the world of Urth, men or otherwise, fall into the following categories: 

  1. The OnceBorn are the Unsaved of the world, who have yet to personally accept the OverLord as Savior (although they may have heard of Him.) With few exceptions, they are humans, elves, dwarves and gnomes. They are fearful, worried and lost, and don't yet know of His love, or may have rejected it. Some don't believe Evil exists, and it makes them all the easier for Shaitan and his Brood to use and control. 
  2. The Dragons are the Fallen Ones who war on the OverLord. Their leader is Shaitan, the Great Red Dragon, who is trapped in the Flames of Chaos, ever seeking to break through into the world. He is served by thousands of lesser Dragons, who roam the world seeking to corrupt and enslave whomever they can. They are wicked beyond belief, and are to be slain where possible, although the wise LightRaider chooses the right time to attack them. They are without honor, and rule the Armies of Darkness. 
  3. The Armies of Darkness are the Dragon's camp followers…they are innately evil monsters that knowingly work for the Dragons. These troops are made up of goblins, orcs, assorted Abominations, and the enchanted monsters that the OnceBorn incorrectly call the "undead". (Such creatures are merely illusions and lies animated by DragonPower to scare the OnceBorn and spread the lie that the OverLord did not conquer death. Vile brood!) These "undead" creatures are foul imitations of the OverLord's true work, and must be destroyed wherever they appear, and the lies they spread about the OverLord dispelled. Members of the AOD are to be killed on sight, but often it is best to pick the best time to fight them. 
  4. The TwiceBorn are those who have listened to the OverLord's call and accepted Him. The greatest settlement of TwiceBorn is, of course, in the Liberated Lands, but pockets of them are found throughout the world, often in hiding for fear of the Dragons' persecution. LightRaiders are TwiceBorn warriors who travel on special missions for the OverLord of Many Names. They are generally humans only, or but occasionally you will also find dwarves, elves or gnomes. Most venture forth from the Liberated Land and return to it as mission's end, but those who live long-term in the DragonLands are called Salt Warriors. They serve and protect so that others will see His love. They are on the front lines of the age-old battle between Good and Evil. 
  5. The Armies of Light are the supporters of the OverLord, direct and indirect, who work alongside the Lightraiders. Celestial Guardians, the noble Pesusai and Unicorns, are the High One's personal guard. Woodlings are creatures of Nature who honor the OverLord as maker of all things, the LifeBringer, and love him as Master of All. Brownies, nymphs, dryads and other folk of the woodlands are shy creatures that keep to themselves, but who are stoutly on the Lord's side, and who will support and sustain Lightraiders (once they have identified themselves!) These creatures are generally considered quot;flighty" by human standards, more concerned with fun and frolic than with the weighty affairs of the Good Fight, but they are capable of harsh action when the good name of the OverLord is slandered. They will seek out a Raid party if an elf is a member, and watch from a distance to determine if the group is OnceBorn or TwiceBorn. Otherwise, they will take a notice if their own individual territory is passed through by any group. Talking Animals are specially made and loved by the OverLord, and live in the wilds of the world. Often, such an animal may bring special word or wisdom from the OverLord, so great care should be used in hunting, lest we harm these special ones. (And only the Dragons would be so foul as to eat a Talking Animal!) 
  6. Dark Creatures include all remaining monsters on Urth. They tend to evil, but may possibly brought around to the Light. Remember, in the world of Talania, almost all creatures carry some form of Enchantment that will seek to corrupt and destroy you, although the effects may not be clearly visible. These monsters should only be fought if there if you are in danger; verbal battle from the Sacred Scrolls is often a more effective method of bending them to your will.
  7. Animals, normal or giant-sized, make up the rest of the life on Urth.. They are neither good nor evil, per se, existing only to hunt, to eat, and to live. Some animals can be very intelligent, and will even understand that they are created by the Hand of the OLMN; these few exceptionally intelligent creatures often end up as Lightraider companions. Still, they are all under Man's rule, and are acceptable food when needed. All animals understand that the "Circle of Life" really means "weakest creature is usually lunch."

any creatures in the land are potential allies to the OverLord; this is why a LightRaider never kills a human, and never kills other creatures if it can be avoided. A wise LightRaider is prepared to witness first and fight later. Many races are open friends to the OverLord, and many others may be won to His cause. Some creatures may be simply quarrelsome without being direct servants of the Dragons. Mercy is to be shown wherever possible in the hope (often a dim one) that these wicked creatures may turn from their sinning ways and follow the OverLord. 
Onward, for the OverLord!


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