DragonRaid Inn
"Slaying Dragons for Him since 934 A.O.!"

he long march through the DragonLands has tugged at your heart; the misery is everywhere. How do people live like this? You miss your family, and your home so far away. You trudge through the driving rain, and finally see a bright cheery light from the inn ahead. Pushing the door open, you're greeted by an aged, red-haired elf behind the bar, who is drawing something dark and foamy from a tap on the wall.. 

"Welcome to the Dragonraid Inn! Come on in! Prop your sword by the fire and have a mug of something sweet! Are you here about the Help Wanted ad?" With a lopsided grin, he looks at you expectantly, as if waiting for you to speak. 

Well, what are you doing?

What is Dragonraid?

ragonRaid is a Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) designed to excite the imagination, thrill the soul, and still be "Scripturally Correct." It is everything that other such games should have been in a format that teaches about Christ and the wiles of the Adversary. It is a 'pen and paper' RPG, not a computer game. It is a game that adults can enjoy, and that you can teach to a youth group without fearing it will lead into Darkness. It is swashbuckling fun without the bitter occult aftertaste. And it is even more fun with the game modifications found on this site! 

How do you play? 

magine the best fantasy fiction you've ever read. Perhaps you held your breath as the brave hero/heroine approached the Dark Tower to do battle, or thrilled as the foolish companion was rescued from certain death over a terrible waterfall. DragonRaid is like being INSIDE a good novel. You interact with the game referee, the AdventureMaster, telling him what you will do: walk across a narrow bridge, draw your sword, or battle the evil troll. The "AM" is your eyes and ears in the game, describing if you succeed and the results of your actions. In DragonRaid, you are a LightRaider, a professional hero, serving the OverLord of Many Names (you may know Him as the Lion of Judah, or the Prince of Peace!) You meet and do battle with evil creatures, destroy Dark Magic, and talk with scores of people and monsters, all played by the AM. (If you have read any of Lewis' Narnia books, you have some idea of the flavor of the game.) DragonRaid is a game played by both sexes of all ages, with something for everyone. For one afternoon or evening a week, you can be a brave hero and shake the world to its roots! 

As a former Dungeons & Dragons player (and a TwiceBorn!), I recommend this game. It has action, adventure, spiritual truth and no pro-occult trappings. It teaches teamwork, bible familiarity, and honor. It can teach players to witness effectively in a non-threatening environment. The rules here are not the game as such, you will need to go to the Official DragonRaid Site to order them in a boxed set. (If the download version ever reappears on the Net, I'll provide a link.) There is enough information here at the Inn to give you an understanding of the game, and to add to it if you are playing already. New rules on this site are mine, and are to be considered optional additions to DR1; use what you like.

Welcome to the Inn!

ou rest comfortably in the public room of the DragonRaid Inn, on the continent of Talania, on the world of Urth. If you are a beginning role-player, or just want to learn about the general form of DragonRaid, you should visit The Player's Guild just off the main pub, using the links here or the map above. In the Guild, you can learn the basics of DragonRaid, and enjoy a hearty helping of my my own ideas and improvements on the standard game.

Right nextdoor to that, you'll find Andros' extensive Library. If you are a serious student of the game, here you will find copies of the Creature Catalog, with interesting listings on the evil Dragons and their foul minions. Know your enemy! You'll also find copies of some recently discovered WordRunes for battling dark creatures and protecting youself through the OverLord's grace!

If you want to look into the mysteries of running a game and get some starter ideas for adventures in your campaign, stop by the AM's Workshop. Who are the mysterious Sleepless Knights? What is a Morlock? Give Andros the AM's secret handshake, and he'll let you in to do some research. 

While you are wandering around, you can use the signboards on the wall in each room to navigate from place to place. The text links at page bottom will move you about as well, and will also page you through the parts of each section. And if you want to tour the whole Inn, just pace through the pages by clicking on the amazing rotating sword! 

    You can look forward to some really nice art to appear on the walls here in the Inn. Ed Wentz (AKA LameBear), who really knows his way around a graphics editor, has begun to create some snazzy masterpieces that will slowly replace the old D&D pix we have on hand. If you would like to know more about our "Artist In Residence", click Here. That said...

     DISCLAIMER: The other monster illustrations on this site are scanned from the 1979 TSR Monster Manual, and the 1981 TSR Fiend Folio. Since only the DragonRaid Faithful (a select group indeed!) are likely to visit this site, and since I am not selling anything, I have no problem with re-using drawings that are a quarter-century old. If you object and are the author of these drawings, drop me an email and I will remove them.

Onward, for the OverLord!


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