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d Wentz (at right) is a talented artist with a love for God, his family, his art, and gaming, in that order. The Inn is blessed to hang some of his work on the walls of our establishment, and he is available to do custom character sketches of your Player Character tromping that troll or other evil creature to make your favorite gaming moment last forever. He does role-playing character sketches, paintings, nonplayer painted sketches, living history portraits, illustrations of adventures, and most anything else that you can think of. (The bandwidth here at the Inn can’t do his original pictures justice, you can trust me on that!)

    People wanting to have character portraits or any other type of illustration should contact him at Ed Wentz Studio, and give him a short description of what your looking for. Ed will send some E-pamphlets to your Email box right away. 

ragonraid mixes Grace and Gaming, and so does Ed. Here’s his story…

   “I was born and have lived in this same little town in the north Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Here I met and married my wife of twenty-six years. We have three children and their spouses and eight grandchildren. My wife is my inspiration and my hardest critic, besides myself. What passes my critique sometimes gets vetoed when she sees it. But I am never tempted to hide my work from her. One of the reasons I am able to do what I do is because she places such high standards on my art. She says she's just being honest. 

   “My career in art started when I was twelve. My mother says that when I was two, I drew a picture of my father. It was complete, she says, down to his pair of glasses. I do remember being about seven years old when I got a D in my art class at school, because I was more interested in drawing trees and animals than I was in gluing cotton balls and coloring macaroni! By the time I was fifteen I was giving drawing lessons to other students who wanted to learn to draw cartoons. At sixteen I was selling wood carvings and portraits, and teaching art to children at the local library.

    “Between twenty and thirty I juggled the responsibilities of work home family and art, but during this period, I didn't have much time for god. And really that is all he was to me…a “little g” god. And my life showed it. I thought everything was fine and I was going places. But I was not saved and I was heading nowhere except straight to hell. My life was dammed, and I was the one that was damming it. 

   “You know, “dam” can means “blocked.” You can't go. We all have only two places to go when we leave here, either heaven or hell. And if you’ve blocked yourself from heaven you know what’s left. I was the one that dammed me, and there was nothing I could do about it. But my lord and King could save me, and from the moment that I accepted his salvation until this, I have been on the road to Joy, and path called peace and it is big, BIG G, God who has made it so. 

   “When I reached that turning point in my life, my life began to make large changes. Even my artwork developed and blossomed into something that I always hoped possible. Today, seventeen years later, after years of portraits and sculptures, I now find myself doing what I wanted to do as a child: illustrating fantasy. If you seek that special graphic, be it for wallpaper or character sheet, contact me at EJWentz Studios.”

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