eros sought, need 3-9 able-bodied people between 13 and 40 for select positions fighting evil, two to three hours a week.

See strange lands and exotic creatures! Serve the OverLord of Many Names battling the dark Dragons of this world and rescuing the OnceBorn from their wicked lies. Position includes formal training program at the prestigious LightRaider Academy in the Liberated Lands, Full Armor of God, bedroll and shirt on your back. The right candidates may qualify to talk with animals, heal the sick, disguise themselves at will and get special woodland skills. Openings in a variety of low dives on the Western Continent, in full squalor of the Dark Ages, but job does include vacation time in Narnia. Excellent retirement program with the OverLord in the Eternal Lands.

Contact your local TwiceBorn recruiting agent today. Elves, dwarves, gnomes and prodigals are encouraged to apply. (The OverLord is an equal opportunity employer.)

DRAGONRAID: Only Heroes (of both sexes) need apply!

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