The Storage Locker

tored off the common room, here you will find a collection of written stuff undrelated to Dragonraid, but useful to the Good Fight. Here are some short dramatics, some poetry, and even my witness.

  • Awaiting the Lamb - (Easter, 2001) A five-minute one man show as Malachi, the last of the OT prophets. Hosanna, the King has come!
  • Honor God - (For National Day of Prayer, 1996) One of many shows I did at our church for the NDP.
  • One Morning, In Heaven - (For "President's Day", 1995) A talk between George Washington and God, concerning Grace, on the occasion of George's Birthday.
  • Then and Now - (For National Day of Prayer, 1994) Yet another patriotic NDP show.
  • My Witness - (Written for a Men's Retreat) - My life and welcome to it. Tinker, Gamer, Songster, Guy.



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