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he trip was a strange one. Andros led you behind the bar, down a flight of steps, past several traps that would have made Lara Croft weep like a little girl, and back up some stairs into a smoky, dim little workshop, littered with gasburners, glassware and tools. With a smile, he took down a dusty book: The New AdventureMaster's Archive.

When you being running a group, you may want to dig beneath the basics of Dragonraid and add some additional stuff to make the game more playable and fun. All things in this section are optional rules I have written to enliven the game. Take it as the Saladbar of Gaming; pull out what you like, what you feel comfortable with, and use it. Note that the arcane facts in this section are mostly the AM's affair, and are things that you may or may not tell your players. Some of it will come to light over the course of an entire campaign. 
The New AdventureMaster's Archive

New Rules - Cool things you couldn't do before
The Hidden Races - Darkling Elves, Morlocks (Black Dwarves), & Deep Gnomes.
The New Races of Men as Player Characters
   The New Raiders
   The Hidden Raiders
Tales of the Sleepless Knights
The Book of the Wandering Smith
Author's Foreword 

      I spent several good years of my life playing Dungeons & Dragons, and loved it. But when I taught it to several young friends, I discovered that while My World was moral, God-Centered and made for Glory, the worlds run by other gamers tended toward sometimes occult "Kill-it-take-it's- treasure" hack-fests. When I had about decided to stop playing AD&D, God surprised me (like He always does!) with Dragonraid.

But as I learned this new, God-centered role-playing game, I found some holes in it. The game is weighed so heavily towards spiritual growth that at times it slows to a crawl with the players dancing like puppets at the hands of "this week's message." And how do you "turn" undead? No elves?ONLY 12 MONSTERS? Clearly, some new rules were needed to allow the best of AD&D to run in Dragonraid terms. As a DM turned AM, let me make the following suggestions to make your Dragonraid campaign all that it can be: 

  1. I suggest you print out the Player's Manual page on this site and use it in place of the actual LightRaider Handbook. I think the official manual hands out too much information to the players. In real life, the textbook learning is often only the foundation for "life experience." Let the players learn as they play, and not have all info handed to them by the AM.
  2. I suggest you supplant the "12 standard monsters" with my Creature Catalog, on this site in the Library. In it, the discriminating AM will find most conventional mythic monsters translated into Dragonraid terms. And I hope to add monsters from time to time. If you have a request for an old-line D&D monster you want done, let me know.
  3. I suggest that you photocopy the standard WordRunes onto parchment paper, and leave them as part of "treasure" piles in lairs. (What is more treasured than the Sacred Scrolls?) Start a new campaign with selected Runes as party property, perhaps a couple of the five Great Rescue WordRunes, and let the party FIGHT and SEARCH for the rest of the Runes.
  4. Turn those players loose with a Bible, and let THEM propose WordRunes! That's a good way to encourage Scripture reading! In a Christian game where good is expected to trounce evil, why NOT a few fireballs and lightning bolts for our side?
  5. You will need, in addition to the d10 Starlot and the d8 Shadow Stone, a six-sided standard die, and a triangular d4. If you are a secular gamer, you probably already have these. 
      Dragonraid is the perfect gaming alternative. Christ-centered, faithful and true, it still allows the brave knight to stand against ultimate evil. May you use these new rules to make your World all it can be...in His's Name. 
Onward, for the OverLord!

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