The Sword and Shield

Your Improved Player's Manual

LightRaider Academy Press, 984 A.O.


elcome to Dragonraid! This is your "yearbook" from LightRaider Academy. It will tell you most of what you need to know to play the game, and tell you some basics about the world of Talania and my modifications to the original game. Here follows various facts and tables, "class notes" from your studies, a sample character sheet, a Letter from the Dean, and other stuff you need to understand Dragonraid, the ethical RPG! I suggest giving this long page as hardcopy to new players in place of the "official" Player's Manual that comes in the Dragonraid boxed set, which IMHO, just gives away too much information. 

This site include massive fan-produced additional rules for Dick Wulf's Dragonraid, the Christian medieval role-playing game, designed to broaden the scope of the game. These rules are weighted to give the original game more of a Dungeons & Dragons feel for those who want that, without sacrificing the faithful underpinnings of the game. Use what you want, or don't, based upon what you want in your game. The additions detailed on this site carry the official "Seal of Non-Disapproval" from Dick and the Lamb's Bride Project, so they are not offensive to the creators of the game. I DON'T include the formulas for figuring up your armor, secondary stats, class and stuff because you really should buy the boxed set from the game's author. Hey, do the Faithful a favor: go to the Official Dragonraid Site and buy the boxed set! 

Player Manual Contents:
The Story So Far:
Welcome, Lightraider!

Who Are You?
Your Character in the Game
Sample Character Sheet
Optional Skills
Character Class
Ability Checks

Who Do We Serve?
The OverLord of Many Names
The OnceBorn
The Great Rescue

Who Fights with Us?
The TwiceBorn
The Armies of Light
The Raid Team

 Who do We Fight?
The Dragons
The Armies of Darkness
Dark Creatures
Dark Enchantments

How Do We Fight?
Into Battle!
Raid Flasks
Holy Water
Holy Weapons
Battle Prayer

Odds & Ends
More Useful Rules

Letter From the Dean

The Story So Far...

Welcome, Lightraider!

ou are a LightRaider, a professional hero or heroine, working for the OverLord of Many Names. It is your fourth year at the LightRaider Academy. You live in the Liberated Lands, a small part of Talania, one of the three main continents on Urth. (The original gamebook calls the world "EdenAgain". Subtle, eh?) You grew up in a strong, warm house. You attended the best schools when young, and have never gone hungry or slept in the cold unless you chose to. For a time, you probably studied some craft under your parents or a neighboring tradesman, until one day your love for the OverLord and your pity for the OnceBorn moved you to volunteer to become a LightRaider.
It is early spring at the Academy, and all the trees are in bloom. As you lay on your bunk and watch two of Talania's three moons over the Peretti Lecture Hall, you think of your much to learn! 
Who Are You? 

Your Character in the Game

ou will role-play, or act the part, of your character in an interactive adventure talked through by the AdventureMaster, the game referee. To begin, you roll a ten-sided die (a d10, known in the game as a "Starlot") to generate your "Primes." These 1-to-10 scores represent your Love, Joy, Peace, and other "Fruits of the Spirit." (See Galatians 5: 23-24.) You will strive to improve these scores in the game; the "AdventureMaster" (or "AM") will tell you when you may gain (or lose!) things called "Maturity Units" for each Prime. Get 20 MU on any one Prime, and you may trade them in for a Prime Point, refigure your skills, and maybe get better at stuff. (See "Ability Checks" section later on to see how these ratings affect what you can do in the game.)

Anyway, from these numbers are calculated all your other abilities, and your Physical Vitality (PV, or "Hit Points.") Physical damage can be healed by time, or by WordRune, or by special Flasks. The more PV you have, the more damage you can take and survive. Thus, the better your "Primes" get, the better a player you can be for the OverLord! PV may go as high as 45 in a human or elf, 51 in a dwarf, or 48 in a gnome.
You have other abilities which are self-explanatory, such as Courage, Endurance, Hope, Knowledge, Listening, Quiet Movement, Vision and Wisdom. You also have three special "Defensive Skills":

  • Evade Enemy: This is your "running and hiding" skill. (Even the brave know when to avoid meaningless combat!)
  • Recover From Injury: Unaided, you heal this many Physical Vitality points every day.
  • Resist Torture: A measure of your ability to remain quiet in the face of pain! (Because sometimes the Bad Guys don't play fair!)

Sample Finished Character Sheet 

Trillian the Female Lightraider, a former Carpenter  Played by: Andrew
Primes    (MU's)   # Adds Abilities     # Adds
Love       ____ LO 2 ___
Joy        ____ JO 7 ___
Peace      ____ PE 6 ___
Patience   ____ PA 4 ___
Kindness   ____ KI 8 ___
Goodness   ____ GO 4 ___
Faithfulness___ FA 5 ___
Gentleness ____ GE 6 ___
Self-Control___ SC 5 ___

Strength       ST 8 ___
Agility         AG 1 ___

Courage    CO 8 ___
Endurance   EN 5 ___
Hope       HO 6 ___
Knowledge   KN 5 ___
Listening  LIS 5 ___
Movement    QM 5 ___
Vision     VIS 5 ___
Wisdom     WIS 4 ___

Maximum Physical Vitality (PV):   35 

Armor of God      # Adds Success Grid
Shield of Faith SF 5 ___
Belt of Truth   BT 4 ___
Breastplate of
Righteousness   BR 5 ___
Helmet of 
Salvation      HS 6 ___
Sword of the SpiritSS 1 ___
Boots of the   BGP 4 ___
Gospel of Peace 
      Difficulty Level 
  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
1   45 55 65 75 85 95 -  -  -  -
2   40 50 60 70 80 90 -  -  -  -
3   35 45 55 65 75 85 95 -  -  -
4   30 40 50 60 70 80 90 -  -  -
5   25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 -  -
6   20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 -  -
7   15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 - 
8   10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 - 
9   10 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 
10  10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 
11  10 10 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 
12  10 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 
13  10 10 10 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 
14  10 10 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 
15  10 10 10 10 15 25 35 45 55 65 
16  10 10 10 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 
17  10 10 10 10 10 15 25 35 45 55 
18  10 10 10 10 10 10 20 30 40 50 
19  10 10 10 10 10 10 15 25 35 45 
20  10 10 10 10 10 10 10 20 30 40 
Defense Skills     # Adds
Evade Enemy     EE 5 __ 
Recover From 
Injury        RFI 5 __ 
Resist Torture  RT 5 __
Optional Skills      Adds Weapons  Adds  Damage
Blend W/ Surroundings BWS 1 __ 
Climb Skillfully       CS 1 __ 
Converse with Animals  CA 1 __ 
Hatred of Evil         HE 4 __ 
Merciful Compassion    MC 1 __ 
Persuade Foe           PF 4 __ 
Righteously Ming/Evil RME 1 __ 
Sense Evil            SE 4 __
Talk with Locals       TL 1 __ 
Track Enemy            TE 1 __ 
Water Movement         WM 1 __ 
Solo   SB 4 ____ Varies
Bow        5 ____ 1-5 pts.
Sword      6 ____ d10
Daggers    3 ____ 1-5 pts.
In My Belt Pouch: 
  • 25 Sp
  • Bread 
  • Flask of Water
  • RaidFlask of Eagle Eye


ou wear the Armor of God: weightless, invisible protection designed to guard you from both physical damage and the various Dragon enchantments. It is the very Armor we are told about in Scripture! OnceBorn foes will see no armor upon you, but Dragons will see it and know you as TwiceBorn. (You may allow a Vision check for more powerfull monsters if you wish.) A physical attack deflected by the Armor of God gives a subtle blue shimmer in the shape of the armor. The ratings for your Armor are calculated from your Primes, and in addition to physical protection, the parts have special uses, as follows:
  • Shield of Faith - offers protection from damage, physical & spiritual, and also against Dragons' fiery breath. 
  • Belt of Truth - is the degree you have learned from the Scrolls; helps you evade some "Checks," and twice daily lets you see through some types of Lies.
  • Breastplate of Righteousness - is a reflection of your past actions, and which helps you resist some temptations if you fail a SC or a RME roll.
  • Helmet of Salvation - This constantly assures you that you are TwiceBorn, and twice daily lets you see through some Illusions if your HS is 5 or above.
  • Boots of the Gospel of Peace - represents your desire to go forward and bring peace to others; they may also help sustain you if you fail a Courage roll.
  • Sword of the Spirit - This starts at a rating of 1, and determines the level of WordRune you can use. This rating goes up as you memorize WordRunes.

Optional Skills

ou get to choose three of the following Skills, and choosing some of them will help you qualify for a special Character Class. Your scores will rate 1-10, and it is best to choose Skills where you have a high rating. If you do NOT choose a Skill, you automatically have a "1" in that Skill. (See player sheet above.) 
  • Blend With Surroundings: This allows you to act like a chameleon!
  • Climb Skillfully: Just that!
  • Converse With Animals: You can speak and understand most animal languages.
  • Hatred of Evil: This gives you bonuses on Weapons Skills and Damage.
  • Merciful Compassion: Allows you to help OnceBorn, also a required ability to be a Renewer (healer.)
  • Persuade Foe: Helps convince enemies of your point of view.
  • Righteously Mingle with Evil: Allows you to mix with the masses without suffering some enchantments.
  • Sense Evil: You can detect dark creatures or Dragons. 
  • Talk with Locals: Is useful to gain some information.
  • Track Enemy: Allows you to trace the Foe's movements.
  • Water Movement: Basic swimming skills.

Character Class

our "class" is NOT the year you graduated! When your skills are high enough, you may qualify to join a special branch of the LightRaiders. Each requires special ratings and skills, but each has it's own special reqards. They are briefly reviewed below:
  • LionWarrior: needs high Joy, Peace, Goodness & Self Control; gets a Talking Lion as a travel companion and partner.
  • WolfSoldier: needs high Converse with Animals, gets a Talking Wolf.
  • BearKnight: needs high Joy, Kindness, Gentleness, & Self-control; gets a Talking Bear.
  • AnimalMaster: needs high Converse with Animals; gets 1-4 normal animal friends who will help the Raider.
  • Renewer: needs high Recover from Injury and Merciful Compassion; gets to heal wounds in the OverLord's name. Works three times per day per SS level; heals equal to the Renewer's RFI.
  • Knight of the Way (Ranger): needs Blend with Surroundings and Track Enemy; gets +2 in Track Enemy, Evade Enemy, and Blend with Surroundings.
  • OverLord's Guard: needs Righteously Mingle with Evil & Hatred of Evil. Twice daily can alter face and body to pass as any other member of the Races of Men who is about the same body size.
  • RescueMaster: is an Agape "Indy Jones." Needs Climb Skillfully, Blend with Surroundings, & Water Movement; gets +2 in each of those skills.
  • RaidLeader: needs high Love, Joy, Goodness, Self Control & Wisdom; gets to call the shots on a Raid, but has responsibility to protect others and make good decisions.
  • Encourager (Optional): You have a glib tounge, and know how to use it for Good! Your kind encouragements enhance many skills and ability checks, and make everyone feel good about doing the OverLord's work.
  • Psalmist (Optional): Hey, Nonnny, Nonny! Your voice and music praise the OverLord, and also help the party.
  • Guardian of the Light: has ALL 9's or better in Primes...usually chooses to die in some valiant way or goes to teach at the Academy as a Non-Playing Character (NPC.). 


tarlots are the translucent, 10-sided stones carried by Light Raiders. Long ago, when the OverLord raised the Peaks of the New Beginning, the Dragons tried in vain to overfly the cold mountains and capture the TwiceBorn. It is said that their fiery breath was frozen by the stark cold, and the Starlot came to be. (Hold a d10 on end to see the OverLord's own birthmark.) Later, bands of LightRaiders began carrying the beautiful gems. If a Dark Creature or a OnceBorn so much as touches a Starlot, it decays and turns into a dark-colored, eight sided Shadow-Stone (d8).

In the Real World (whatever that is), the Starlot is used in rolling Ability Checks. If you are playing with my modified rules, you may need a d6 and a d4 as well.

Ability Checks

hen you want to do something in the game--swim a brook or climb a rope, for example--you must roll an ABILITY CHECK. The success grid on the sample character sheet, above, shows the chance of succeeding with any task.

Your Skill or Ability rating (1 to 20) from your character sheet is checked against the difficulty of the action (usually 1 to 10), and the grid on the character sheet above shows the percentage chance that you might accomplish the task. (Swimming a slow, small creek might be a DL of 1, whereas a huge lake might be a DL of 5.) You then roll two Starlots to generate a percentage number. If you meet or beat the required score, you did it! 
Who Do We Serve? 

The OverLord of Many Names

e is the OLMN, the High One, the master, the mighty counselor, the Prince of Peace. He stood with the Maker when the Glade was formed from the Flames of Chaos, He came to Talania as a man, in the flesh, and walked among the peoples, teaching them that the Dragons need not direct their lives, and that Shaitan was the "Father of Lies". To the elves, He is the Forrester, to the dwarves, the Master of the Deep Chambers, to the gnomes, He is the Great Playright.

He came to defeat the Dragons and their power, and gave up his life to create the Liberated Lands where you were born. It is said that He is the Master Lightraider, and that at sometime, His voice will be heard again in the world, and the Dragons themselves will tremble as they are thrown back in to the Flames of Chaos with their scaly master, and trapped there for all Eternity.

Even those who have not yet come to Him know Him as a great teacher, and a powerful leader, but we know that he loved us enough to die for those who would listen. We serve at his bidding, to reach out to the OnceBorn.

The OnceBorn (The Races of Men)

he OnceBorn are the Unsaved of the world, who have yet to personally accept the OverLord as Savior (although they may have heard of Him.) They are fearful, worried and lost, and don't yet know of His love, or may have rejected it.

In my version of Dragonraid, I have expanded the specs of the game to include the other familiar "demi-humans" of myth and fiction, and these mythical men may be played as Non Player Characters by your AM, with complete stats for NPC's detailed in the Andros' Library and AM's Workshop sections of the site. Your AM will tell you if he is playing with my "demi-human" rules, and allowing these other Men as player charcaters, but here is a brief taste of how they function if allowed to enter the game as TwiceBorn Lightraiders:

  1. HUMANS: Just like you and me! As in the original Dragonraid game, they can do all things. Humans are the most common Men in the cities of the DragonLands, but the other races abound outside of them.
  2. ELVES: The character, as regularly rolled, must have a Agility at least 7. The elf character gets +1 to hit on Bows, +2 on Converse with Animals (flat 3 if not selected as a Skill), and +3 on Vision checks for secret doors. They also get special woodlore skills (they make nice forest Knights of the Way). They are also inherently musical, and get bonuses if they become Psalmists. On the penalty side, if player decides to be an elf, the character's Strength is cut in half. Elves almost automatically attack trolls, orcs, goblins and Dragons, no matter how bad the odds. Also, they are EXTREMELY evangelical to other elves, and might stop in the middle of a battle to witness.
  3. DWARVES: If the character rolls as Strength of at least 7, the player may make the new Raider a dwarf. The hardy dwarf character gets +3 to Endurance, and +6 to both PV and Recover From Injury. (They make GREAT Renewers!) They have +1 to hit with all Hammers. There is also a special bonus called "Technical Ability" that runs from 2 to 14 in dwarves; they can build interesting gadgets and are good with machinery. Dwarves also get special extra training in mining, stone construction, weapons-making and blacksmithing.

  4. For balance, a dwarf character's extremely dense body mass means that they have -2 to Water Movement, and any failed check means drowning unless rescued by another Raider. Also, the "as rolled" Agility is cut in half.
  5. GNOMES: These fellows are the hardest to qualify for. Player must roll both Strength and Agility of at least 7. For bonuses, gnomes get +2 on Endurance, and +3 PV and Recover From Injury. They get +1 on any fighting with axes. They also have a +1 to Converse with Animals, rating at a flat 2 if the Skill is not chosen. They have special knowledge in all types of construction, underground cavelore, fine metalwork (whitesmithing) and all types of jewelrywork. They make fine Psalmists, but receive no bonuses in that area. As penalties, the gnome shares the "sinking feeling" found in their dwarven cousins, and gets a -2 on Water Movement (a bad WM check means drowning in any body of water bigger than a bathtub.) 
The non-human sub-races have some both positives and negatives, and may not participate in some classes...see the AM's Workshop for additional data.

The Great Rescue

s detailed in the original game, you are forbidden to kill the OnceBorn, with severe penalties if this is done even by accident. You should be aware of your responsibility to tell them about the OverLord, and possibly win them to our side. There are said to be five Great WordRunes that break most enchantments, if the OnceBorn is willing. LightRaiders usually take a set of these Sacred Scrolls with them wherever they go. These "Spirtual Laws" make it easy for the real world gamer to learn about witnessing to other friends, and the game gives a safe place to learn how to be comfortable sharing our faith in the Real World. 
Who Stands With Us? 

The TwiceBorn (Including the Armies of Light)

e venture into the horrible DragonLands, reaching out to save the OnceBorn, working to destroy the dragons, and turn back the forces of evil. Who is there to help? Who is on the Lord's side?
  1. The TwiceBorn are those who have listened to the OverLord's call and accepted Him. The greatest settlement of TwiceBorn is, of course, in the Liberated Lands, but pockets of them are found throughout the world, often in hiding for fear of the Dragons' persecution. Some TwiceBorn go on to be LightRaiders. 
  2. LightRaiders are TwiceBorn warriors who travel on special missions for the OverLord of Many Names. They are generally humans only, or but occasionally you will also find dwarves, elves or gnomes. Most venture forth from the Liberated Land and return to it as mission's end, but those who live long-term in the DragonLands are called Salt Warriors. They serve and protect so that others will see His love.
  3. The Armies of Light has many followers, including the LightRaiders themselves. The humble generals are the Celestial Guardians, the noble Pesusai and Unicorns, who are the High One's personal guard. Woodlings and the Talking Animals also serve the OverLord, and are happy to help the cause of Good.
  4. Woodlings are creatures of Nature who honor the OverLord as maker of all things, the LifeBringer, and love him as Master of All. Brownies, nymphs, dryads and other folk of the woodlands are shy creatures that keep to themselves, but who are stoutly on the Lord's side, and who will support and sustain Lightraiders (once they have identified themselves!) These creatures are generally considered "flighty" by human standards, more concerned with fun and frolic than with the weighty affairs of the Good Fight, but they are capable of harsh action when the good name of the OverLord is slandered. They will seek out a Raid party if an elf is a member, and watch from a distance to determine if the group is OnceBorn or TwiceBorn. Otherwise, they will take a notice if their own individual territory is passed through by any group.
  5. The Talking Animals are specially made and loved by the OverLord, and live in the wilds of the world. Often, such an animal may bring special word or wisdom from the OverLord, so great care should be used in hunting, lest we harm these special ones. (And only the Dragons would be so foul as to eat a Talking Animal!) Normal and giant-sized non-talking animals are dumb beasts, fine for the dinner table, but should not be killed for fun or left to rot; it must be for the needs of the party.

The "Raid Team"

ou are matched with several other Raiders as you go on your missions. Each is an expert, and each a hero; Just as in life, everyone is "part of the body" and brings their own special mix of talents to the mission at hand. But some are called to special tasks:
  • The RaidLeader is charged with running the group and giving the orders. This may seem like fun, but remember that much is required of those in power, and if anyone is hurt or killed, it is your responsibility. If someone qualifies to be a RaidLeader by CLASS, above, they must lead. If there is more than one player with this Class, the player with the highest score is the RaidLeader.
  • The Mapper is charged with maintaining the map of wherever you visit. If this is lost, you may be so as well! 
Who Do We Fight? 


hese are the Fallen Ones who war on the OverLord. Their leader is Shaitan, the Great Red Dragon, who is trapped in the Flames of Chaos, ever seeking to break through into the world. He is served by thousands of lesser Dragons, who roam the world seeking to corrupt and enslave whomever they can. They live to cause misery to the OnceBorn...the beloved creation of their old enemy, the OverLord. They love to control others, directly or in secret, and love treasure and the power it brings. They are wicked beyond belief, and are to be slain where possible, although the wise LightRaider chooses the right time to attack them.

There are 11 types of Dragon known to the Wise Ones at the Academy, and there may be more. Each has a special area of Power it controls, and uses this ability to plague the Races of Men. They all hatch from glowing Eggs, become Hatchlings (who may take the guise of men and walk the Urth), and grow through ever-larger forms. The largest is the Eldermost Dragon, a terrible sight indeed!

While Dragons are fierce and vain, huge of mouth and claw, the most dangerous of their powers is MindSpeech! This power will function within 300 feet of a mature Dragon, less for a younger one, more for an older Dragon. They can plant horrible thoughts and doubts in the minds of Men, causing them even to doubt the OverLord's power! (I swear this is true!) This Speech must be quickly refuted by the Raider or all may be lost! Also dangerous are the Dragon's vile breath and its wretched smoke, each of which may work foul magic on Men! And of course, they lead their followers, the horrible Armies of Darkness.

The Armies of Darkness (Including the UNDEAD)

he Armies of Darkness are made up of goblins, orcs, trolls, assorted Abominations, and the enchanted monsters that the OnceBorn call the "undead". (Such creatures are merely illusions and lies animated by DragonPower to scare the OnceBorn and spread the lie that the OverLord did not conquer death. Vile brood!) These creatures are foul imitations of the OverLord's true work, and must be destroyed wherever they appear, and the lies they spread about the OverLord dispelled. 

The goblins, orcs and trolls you know, as they are the stupid footsoldiers of the horrible force. The Abominations are strange, unnatural creatures, untaturally combined into mixed-up oddities like the BrainBurner or the will find them on special missions for the dragons. But the gut-wrenching worst are the creatures that the OnceBorn call the "undead".

Dragons can use their power to animate the lifeless bodies of the OnceBorn to walk and scare the living, making a mockery of the OverLord's free gift of life. Unless the bodies of dead OnceBorn are blessed with holy water, they can be controlled like puppets by the Dragons, as they were in life. (Note that this blessing cannot allow the now dead OnceBorn to know the OverLord, or bring them from the torment of the Flames of Chaos into the Eternal Lands. It only prevents the Dragons from scaring the living with foul undead monsters.) The Dragons seek to mock the Overlord's triumph over death by animating these horrible monsters to walk the Talania spreading despair. Some known types are skeletons and zombies; there are others. All undead have special powers and weaknesses; make a KN check upon encountering specific creatures to recall your classwork, or else ask a local sage. Throwing holy water does d10 damage per flask upon direct hit in a 10' radius. (Roll d10 + Agility to beat the monster's Battle Ability + d8 roll.) There are some special WordRunes that damage undead as well.

Dark Creatures 

his is a broad catagory that includes all remaining monsters on Urth. They tend to evil, but may possibly brought around to the Light. Remember, in the world of Talania, almost all creatures carry some form of Enchantment that will seek to corrupt and destroy you, although the effects may not be clearly visible. These monsters should only be fought if there if you are in danger; verbal battle from the Sacred Scrolls is often a more effective method of bending them to your will.

Dark Enchantments (Sin, Power and Death!)

ach Dark Creature is given one special Enchantment that plagues the Races of Men. These can be passed by sight, by smell, by touch, by bite or even by handling things owned by a Dark One. The attack sequence functions like this:
  1. The AM rolls d8 to find the Difficulty Level of the attack, and indexes this against some Prime or Score of yours. You roll d10 to meet or beat the score.
  2. If you make it, no problem; you "saved" and beat the enchantment. If you fail, you are "infected" with some dark magic (some are "Rage", "Greed", "PowerLust", etc.) You will be given a note about the type of enchantment, and must begin role-playing it in the game.
  3. If you DO fail your save, you must make another 2d10 roll against your Shield of Faith score. If you make THAT roll, you avoid spiritual damage (but are still infected with the enchantment.) If you fail your SF roll, you must deduct a set number of MU "damage points" from one of your Primes. If this drops you below any existing Prime score, you must refigure your numbers DOWNWARD. You may regain the lost MU the same way you got them in the first place; by works and Rune study.
  4. Each day a party member is infected, ALL party ratings DROP BY ONE POINT. If you are suddenly bad at everything, somebody in the group has a spiritual PROBLEM! Party members must "Rescue" the infected Raider by encouragement and words from the Sacred Scrolls. (AM call as to when this is effective.) 


agic is part and parcel with most Fantasy Role Playing Games (FRPG's.) Who hasn't beem impressed with Merlyn or Gandalf? What a cool feeling for the adolescent gamer, to make bad guys "blow up real good!" Magic is power, and is so seductive...

One on hand, Dragonraid takes the biblical approach that anything that looks like magic is forbidden by God, and that there are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. Fortune telling, horrorscopes, Tarot Cards, Ouija boards, etc. are by my mind (and by Deuteronomy) stuff that humans are not to mess with. The original Dragonraid usually ignores magic, but also drops in mysterious magic weapons and pills(!) for characters to use. I use a slightly different concept that lets bad-guy magic users into the game as NPC's, but still teaches players that in real life, we are not to even mess with the stuff. Here's how it works in my world:

All magic is forbidden to Men, as it only causes lust for power and works for their own destruction. (Some claim to work "White Magic." LightRaiders know there is no such thing.) The Dragons use forbidden magics to create their Dark Creatures. Occasionally, the Dragons will allow magic items to fall into the hands of the OnceBorn so that the Dragons might more easily control them. (It is said that "the greatest of wizards is a puppet of the Dragons.") These deadly magic items are called "Dragon Toys" in LightRaider slang. We are sworn to destroy them whenever possible, either by throwing holy water on them, or by high-level WordRune. (Note that either method is not 100% successful; any one item may require several tries.) In the case of Enchantments on large, immobile objects, only WordRunes may work. Large Magics worked by older Dragons might only be negated for a time, and might need direct intervention by the OverLord to destroy them. 
How Do We Fight? 

Into Battle! 

xcept for orcs, goblins, trolls, Abominations, and undead, we are supposed to try to talk first. OnceBorn are to be handled carefully, and we strike to subdue and capture. But when battle rears its ugly head and we must take up the "Good Fight", we do it like this:
  1. Surprise Roll - Each side rolls d6 for "surprise", highest roll gets first action, in the first round only. If that action has consequences within the surprise round, it may prevent the other side from taking any action at all. After that, all actions are simultanious within type (Missles both sides, hand weapons both sides, actions both sides, movement both sides.)
  2. Attacks - First settle missle attacks, like arrows and daggers, then go to hand-to-hand attacks.
    • To attack, roll a Starlot (d10), and add your weapon rating. If this beats the monsters BA plus d8 defense roll, you score a hit. Roll damage as per your weapon.
    • Optional Critical Hit: if you hit, roll another d10. If a pure "10" you score extra damage. NOTE: some monsters will be trying this on YOU!
    • Optional Critical MISS: If you roll 1 and miss the monster, roll a second d10. Roll another 1 and YOU'VE GOT TROUBLE.
    • Half-Swing: Does 1/2 damage...useful on OnceBorn.
    • Disarming: Tell the AM and then roll a 9 or 10 to parry the opponent's weapon away.
    • Overpowering: A good idea with OnceBorn: You ST and AG and a die roll must beat the opponent's PV plus d8 roll. Takes 2 rounds to tie the creature up. More than one may try to overpower; combine ST and AG of both attackers.
  3. Defending - roll a d10, add it to your Shield of Faith. Meet or beat the monster's BA plus a d8 attack roll, and you repelled the blow. Retreating or attacked from behind: you defend with SF alone. 
  4. Actions - Change weapons, read a Rune, shout "Hooray!"
  5. Movement - Lastly, you may move into position for the next turn. You are allowed to more two squares on a Battle Grid (1" square grid paper) or one square diagonally.
Remember, all actions after Surprise are simultaneous. That is, both sides attack, and even if you kill a monster, it's attack may still hurt you.


he Sacred Scrolls are the study of all TwiceBorn, and have amazing powers in the world of Urth. These impressive words, drawn up at the OverLord's will, can turn the tide of any battle, and give impressive powers to the Forces of Light. An example, the Raider says "Your words are a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet" and a the AdventureMaster describes that a 3" ball of light comes into being ahead of the Party, and proceeds them until bidden away.

Each Raider may READ aloud from the Scrolls (any standard Bible) three times a day to invoke the Power of Light, but any number of WordRunes may be said FROM MEMORY. This memorization of Runes also adds bonus MU to various Primes, and special MU to the Sword of the Spirit score. As the SS goes up, the Raider may use more powerful WordRunes. 

Also, you should choose a Scripture verse, 30 words or so, as a "LifeVerse" Rune. Saying it from memory can freeze game-time for five minutes, allowing you time to think (useful once per Game session.) Note that WordRunes are like prayers...humble REQUESTS of the OverLord. If a Raider begins to become drunk with self-importance and power, the needed humility factor is gone and the Rune will not function. The AM has wide latitude to determine any Rune outcome. This part of the game is a great life-tool in the real world, for it etches scripture in your memory.

New Runes may be found during the course of an adventure...someone should carry them. If everyone wants a copy of the Rune, you had better go find a scribe in down to copy them, else you must spend game time searching for them and handing them about to read them. And beware of false may find stuff that sounds like the Bible, but that just isn't in there! 


he original Dragonraid includes "magic pills" for special effects; this is way too close to promoting drug use to me. So, here's a way to include the effect without the problem.

While forsworn magic, TwiceBorn are often granted special blessed elixirs from the OverLord, that they might better war on His behalf. (A weak or inexperienced party may be bolstered by a few well-chosen Flasks from the AM.) These elixirs are called Raid Flasks, and there are several types, distributed at the time of the OverLord's choosing. They are gifts provided in love, not the dark traps laid by the Dragons, or the product of Men's greed. Flasks last only from the moment of their discovery until midnight that night, as do their effects when consumed, so don't be a foolish OnceBorn and try to store them up! LightRaiders usually find such Flasks in the morning before a Raid (like mana!)

Holy Water

his fantasy fiction staple is not mentioned in the original game, so I added it in for dramatic purposes. I use it to attack evil and dispell magic, but if your sub-section of Christianity has a problem with including it, just leave it out of your game. Here's how it works in my world:

Flasks of holy water are sent by the OverLord when He deems fit. They are found as are RaidFlasks, but such flasks last one week. One Flask of holy water may be used to destroy one magic item, bless the dead innumerable times or attack undead monsters directly (see Undead section that follows.)

Holy Weapons

hile we are sworn not to use magic, you recall the Wise Ones at the Academy speaking of certain ancient "holy weapons," forged in the heart of the Urth by dwarves for the OverLord at the Beginning. It is custom, it is said, never to reveal to other Raiders if you carry such a weapon, lest we become vain and arrogant. These powerful weapons usually appear perfectly normal; they may wait years for the Raider to acquire high Wisdom until they reveal their powers.


n the direst situations, there is BattlePrayer. The Raider who wishes to help others should hand a note to the AM saying that he/she wishes to do BattlePrayer, and the name of the Raider/Player they wish to help. The AM will make the rolls and inform the players what happens.


eath is not to be feared, it is to be welcomed, for in it we meet the OverLord face-to-face. If your Raider is wounded from 0 to -5 points, the raider is in a coma. You will slip 1 PV per round until your wounds are bound with bandages. Unless Rune or Flask are used IMMEDIATELY, the character will soon die. However, if in this range, you may make a Hope check once per 10-minute Turn (Vs. the DL of the Turn) to cling-to-life. Hope someone here is a Healer! If you do die, do so in Joy! Your AM will take the character to the OverLord, and you may roll up a brother or sister (large families in the Liberated Lands!) to join the party ASAP. This character DOES get the Sword of the Spirit rating of the old LightRaider, because that's only fair.

Odds and Ends 
ere are some special abilities and ideas to remember as you roleplay your LightRaider! The original game was a bit lacking in the general rules, and woud drop odd ability checks in here and there. To make things a bit simpler, here are some hard-and-fast rules I have created out of the ideas in the first few modules. If a Difficulty Level is not noted, the AM must decide in each case.

  • You may "Detect Traps" with a Knowledge check at DL 8. 
  • You may "Detect Magic/Curse" with a Sense Evil check at DL10.
  • You may "Detect Secret Doors" with a Vision check at DL 8. You must state you are checking a specific 10' by 10' section of wall, and it takes 10 "game-time" minutes. (Elves make this check at +3; AM checks AUTOMATICALLY.)
  • You may listen at closed doors with a Listen check.
  • You may open a stuck door with a Strength check, and more than one player may shove at a time. Enchanted doors may require a check on some other ability or rating. 
  • Twice daily, a Raider with HS over 5 may look through the helmet visor and see through Illusions or see through some materials.
  • You may "Detect Lie" twice a day by using your Belt of Truth rating, but only on questions relating to the Scrolls or other Raiders. Remember, if you are detecting lie on a monster, he must know he is lying for you to detect it, and your AM may use this weaselly method to trick you for dramatic purposes. Have fun!
  • At any time, you may do a "data base search" of your memory on any one thing, to see if you remember what you studied about it in school. AM sets the DL of the Knowledge Check. More specific and obscure information will have a higher DL. If this fails, many towns have Sages who ponder old books and histories and will do research...for a price. (Also pays to have a Psalmist in the party!)
  • Any such Knowledge Check made against your former profession is made at +3 on your Knowledge rating, DL modified by the AM for really obsuce knowledge.
  • It is STEALING to try and take treasure guarded by a dark creature if you have not defeated it in battle first! (And doing so would reflect badly on the OLMN's reputation, so MU penalties to Faithfulness.) "Oh sure, those LightRaiders talk a good talk, but I heard they stole 25 copper from Snurf the Troll! Hypocrites!"
  • There are a LOT of people in town; and there may be some TwiceBorn living there already! Get to know the AM's Non Player Characters (NPC's) as useful contacts. Get INVOLVED in can make a difference for the OverLord!
  • You have heard the Wise Ones speak about a "Deathflash." You have no idea what this means.
  • Have a good time! 
Congradulations, Lightraider!
From the Desk of Taslin III
Dean of LightRaider Academy
Dayspring Highlands, Liberated Lands


As full-fledged LightRaiders, you will be called upon many dangerous DragonRaids. My best wishes for this important work! We trust you will be dedicated to the destruction of Evil. 

You have behind you four long years of study. You have learned the ways of the enemy, the predicament of the dragon slaves, and the limits of your own ability. This knowledge should serve you well. 

Shaitan and his followers practice deceit. His target is the minds of Men. Raider, beware: YOUR mind is his target as well. His weapons are lies, and these lies are not always obvious. His goal is to drive you from the OverLord, and preventing you from freeing the OnceBorn. His minions will offer you sweet lies and false words, possibly even great "power." Remain strong! Recall that his the Great Deceiver, trafficking in the misery of Men, and recall always your vow to follow the Light. 

Shaitan is also a destroyer. His target is the bodies of Men. Again, beware! Your body is his target; suffering is his weapon. You are not promised an easy life in the Fight, only the Life Eternal that follows it. 

The Dark One is a flatterer. Shaitan's MindSpeech may seek you out, telling you of your own Glory, that you are far too grand to be part of the Fight. Beware! Each serves their part, and all good things are in the OverLord. 

And the Evil One is an accuser. His aim is to make you feel despair. He will tell you so many lies about yourself, you will feel incapable of ever pleasing the OverLord. Rejoice! We know that His love accepts us, and that we have a place in His plan. 

You will face vile creatures, foul enchantments, and threats to life and limb. Shaitan may cause you pain, but he cannot defeat your Spirit. You have everything you need to face this battle. Go as innocently as doves, but shrewdly as foxes. 

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." 2 Corinthians 9:8 

Taslin III 

Onward for the OverLord! 
ou awake in the middle of the night in the dorm, and hear someone faintly call your name in a musical voice. ("What now? I've got weapons practice in the morning!") Through the window glows a blue-white light... 

Thus ends the Beginning, and begins the quest! 

Onward, for the OverLord!


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